Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let Me

I smile
It wasn't as bright inside
but I keep the glow
like always

Change was new
Yet novelty ran out
I'm slipping away
The other's fading
Someone else's coming
Why do I cheated on me?

I'd like to have that, please
Oh, on second thought, no thanks
Then again, maybe it'd do
But it won't?

Mornings were bright
I just wish they'd get brighter
as they reach the night

I'll wait
and I'll keep smiling
perhaps it'll shine through
if I just keep the glow
all the way

let me


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Only You

I see you
making your way through
the crowds around you
guys laughing besides you
she smiling at you
Yet it seems to me
there's only you

One time you walked past me
Our eyes met briefly
I smiled nervously
You smiled back at me
How happy that made me
But your eyes turned quickly
for she's here, your one and only

There'll never be you and me
I've known that entirely
But I can't help turnin around
Each time you're around

Despite the sea of people
You're the one I hear
You're the one I see
it always seems to me
there's only you

I try to keep you away
Making myself busy each day
My heart's a giveaway
To anyone that could take it to repair
Though it's still closed anyway
Since I fall for you that day

Looking at she and you
Is making me wish it's you
That's having this feeling
That's fallen in love with me
Oh, I can't help this agony

There'll never be you and me
I've known that entirely
But I can't help turnin around
Each time you're around

Despite the sea of people
You're the one I hear
You're the one I see
it always seems to me
there's only you

I wrote this one out of the blue. Perhaps I might try and come up with a nice melody for it =P


Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Inside of Me, Like literally

Last night the pain in my stomach got really bad. I couldn't lie down without feeling as if something was tugging me from the inside which was painful AND annoying~ >_< I was hoping at that moment that this morning's visit to the medical centre would solve the problem haha. Well, it kinda did, and I'm glad for it even though I went through hell during the scope procedure.

I never knew exactly what was scope procedure but I knew that it wasn't gonna be comfortable and I was right. I was luckily asleep during the whole first round but unfortunately, I had to go for another. This time, without the sleeping injection O_o

Imagine I was conscious the whole time they were putting the one-inch-thick tube attached to a camera inside my mouth, down my throat and into my stomach. SHOOT! It's THE most uncomfortable feeling in the world and it hurt >_< I'm so relieved when the doc finally pulled the tube out but now my throat kinda hurt because I was fighting a bit when the tube was put inside me haha. Well, I couldn't help it, it's reflex LOL I'm so never gonna do this again, ever! haha

But I'm glad that the whole experience's over and there's nothing wrong with me haha. The medication appears to be working and I'm so happy that I can eat again, at least without suffering from a really bad stomachache each time afterwards. I even got a souvenir from the whole thing: a video of the inside of my stomach haha XD The video was surprisingly, very clear. I'm really glad I was asleep during the first procedure when I watched it. They pinched the lining and then it bleed and so they got the blood sample. Ouwch!

Oh, on a side note, a funny thing happened to me this week haha. There was a guy I've met from a while ago, since last semester and he's my junior. I heard that he was asking about me from friends which I thought was friendly. Well, I'm kinda friends with the juniors and talked to some of them quiet often and I did talk to him one time, only last semester haha. He was walking in front of me with a weird expression on his face until I realized why it was so when I suddenly had the urge to check my cellphone. He asked me out. I was like, LOL

p/s: What's with the brother-sister trend nowadays hahaha


Friday, January 8, 2010

Crazy First Week

I'm on my second semester~ Yay~ It feels like years since I came here during Asasi. Aww I miss those times. It's strange that I don't feel much like a new semester. In fact, I think I'm already so used to the campus that it doesn't make much different that I have to come there for class everyday now that the break's over XD

This first week was CRAZY! I never expected to already be getting involved in things and projects on the first couple of days. It's exciting because this year, I'm on a mission to try out new things which is exactly where I'm heading lol

I'm gonna be working on 'English is Fun', a program for primary school students. There's also gonna be another workshop-sort of activity I'll be taking part in organizing. This one's part of my course project. It's gonna be a lot of work these upcoming weeks, and I hope I'm prepared >_< Ganbatte!

However, the best part of this week is seeing my friends back~ XD I think most of them haven't changed a lot except that this year, everyone's started renting outside. Some of the guys and girls from our batch live in the same neighbourhood near the campus. It's only a walking distance from the faculty which is convenient for them. On the other hand, some of them fortunately got a place at the hostels. Me? I'm staying at my place as usual ;)

Some got a new style this year, while others got a new attitude. Some of the seniors were wearing their new, longer hairstyle which were interesting haha.

There're already banners and flyers all over the faculty on the first week promoting Whoa Willow, a fund-raising theatrical performance organized and produced by TESL students. They've got a good publicity going on appearing on 8TV Quickie, etc. I've already bought tickets to go this Sunday. Can't wait =D

There're some assignments needed to be taken care of this week (already!) but they're just simple ones haha. I also went to Pusat Zakat at Uitm and Cawangan Zakat Selangor at the mosque to take care of something.

A little problem worries me however. I hope I don't have to change groupings so my schedules would stay as it is. There were some sort of dramas going on amongst my coursemates because of this issue. Ergh, I wished they'd just keep thing as it is and not let everyone troubled by this any longer. It's not like we did anything wrong either -_-

So far, the lecturers for this semester look nice. Some are familiar, while some are, well, not familiar haha. I've never seen Mr. Black before I think (He told us to call him like that), and neither have I previously known most of my lecturers. I may have seen them going about the TESL square or heard some words about them from the seniors but I wish they're nice and fun!

Oh, and I just got back from the medical centre haha. It was my stomach. It's been aching for the past months and it's been getting too annoying lately so I guess it's time to have it checked out. I'm gonna have to go for the scope procedure tomorrow. Honestly, putting a tube attached to a camera inside my stomach really doesn't sound very comfortable, or even sane~ >_< I wish this pain would go away!

I hope I can keep blogging for next week and the next next week. There's no photos this time though haha. I dropped my cellphone two times this week. Thank God it's still working. I wonder whether it's a sign that I should buy myself a new one? haha

Note2Self: Can't believe I gained so much weight this week. Go jog or something! XD
And, I don't feel like I'm totally over it. Then again, was I ever? =P


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Goodbye, Good Times

So it’s been 5 days since we entered 2010. It’s a new decade for all and it was especially significant for me. I’m leaving my teenage years and this year, I shall be turning 20.

The long semester break had just ended yesterday. I had the most awesome time. Although I quiet enjoy my student life; with friends, lectures, and yes, STRESS; I’m still gonna long for the life of leisure, fun, and free time I’ve been living for the past weeks.

[IMG]This photo was taken when we went to my Uncle’s house. I’ve never actually been to a paddy field before haha. We spent some time there and ate some freshly roasted fishes. It was also a fishermen’s town and we were taken to see the boats and all. It’s a new experience for me =P

[IMG]bought some new shoes while I was at Sunway Pyramid with my pals. It‘s actually been quite some time since I’ve bought some new footwears. I’m not very much of a shoe person since it was hard to find the right shoes that would fit perfectly on my giant feet XD We also tried archery for the first time. I totally suck at it lol

[IMG]PC Fair was held on December 6th this year. My brother and I went to look around. I was planning to look for a tablet PC or any cool laptop for me but didn’t find the right one. It was our first time going and we’ll probably come around next time if we need to look for some gadgets

[IMG]I bought all these baju kurung at Jalan Tar for some very cheap prices. We actually went to SOGO first where my friends bought this really cute pair of shoes for less than RM20. It was the year-end-sale and I was like “Eh?! I so wish I hadn’t already bought so many shoes at Sunway last time” Haha But it was, nevertheless, mission accomplished. I needed to wear these every Monday and Friday at the campus so it was lucky I got to buy decent looking ones at some reasonable deals hoho XP

[IMG]Thank GOD I was on a break so I could attend this year's Comic Fiesta. Check out my previous blog entry about it here. It was a super awesome event and we had a really great time

[IMG]Some of the cosplayers from CF made me want to watch Ouran High School again haha. I still enjoyed it even after watching it a couple of times before. It’s definitely one of my most favourite anime of all time XD

[IMG]ARENA food Court’s ABC Special. I suddenly had the craving for something cold even after spending two hours inside the freezing theatre. I was with my high school friends. One of my friends generously paid for all of our tickets haha

[IMG]Sherlock holmes was amazing

[IMG]I drew and then scanned it before coloring it using photoshop. I’m really bad at this and I want to learn more but it was FUN.

I think I’d improved a bit on my Japanese, especially on conjugating verbs and stuff. I wish I could’ve memorized more Kanjis though. Japanese is so much fun! Oh, and I’d found a better website for RAW mangas, Yay! Note: RAW manga means uncooked manga which refers to manga that has not been translated into another language yet from it’s original language, Japanese =P

[IMG]I like some of Yui’s music. She’s got good voice and cool style. I can finally play Rolling Star on piano XD

I was indulging myself with Jane Austen’s novels this break. Imagine I’d only finished Pride and Prejudice now after all these years haha. Mansfield Park was good too. All the good novels made me miss reading so I started looking back at my old time favourite, Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five, lol. I could never be too old to read her amazing books. Not many of my friends know this, but I think I was really like George and perhaps still a bit like her =P

As you can see, this blog has got a new layout! I spent a lot of time on this and it was worth it. I wanted it to look like sketches with less straight lines, a nice header and there was also the piano graphic at the bottom which I did with photoshop as well as the animated musical notes also done with photoshop. The outermost part was the hardest part since Web 2.0 doesn’t support two background images so I used layered div instead. Painful codings -__- I loved the hover effects and the overall feel and colour. There are things which reflects myself and so I called the theme, Dream Pieces =)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to online much during the break, especially towards the end. Streamyx was down with its constant occasional problem again but this time it was the worst. Not being able to go online was bad enough, but I was extremely frustrated since I couldn’t register for my courses. Thanks to that, I’m stuck with a terrible timetable for the whole upcoming semester >_<

[IMG]Mei-chan no Shitsuji was cool~ I watched the whole series and it was sweet and fun. I miss Gokusen, Hana Kimi, One Litre of Tears, etc. More J-dramas please~ XD

[IMG]Finished Code Geass season 1. Haish I’m so late. I can’t wait to see Lelouch on season 2. I hope he won’t end up the tragic hero like the awesome Kira-sama haha. Please, more seeders

All the hassles of the renovation that was going on at my house resulted in the new look of my bedroom. Now the ceiling was lower because of the attic built on top of it. But, I think it was okay and I got nothing to complain except maybe during the whole period of renovation where the couch was my bed and the living room became my lair hahaha

[IMG]Spent a lot of time here, family's eating out lol. My cousins and nephews were around the state and we went to watch 'Old Dogs'. It was hell of a funny movie XD

[IMG]Environmentally friendly, and kinda cute if viewed from a distance. It's one of this year's Aeon's Christmas decoration. They also had that Christmas tree made out of hundreds, or more likely thousands of plastic bottles haha. They're proudly flaunting a giant approval from Malaysia's Book of Record besides their tallest recyclable Christmas tree =D

[IMG]OMG I spent a LOT on these. The clothes at BTS were so cheap. I went there twice during the break; one was on the last day of 2009. Oh, The New Year haha

So the end of 2009 marked the beginning of 2010 and the pending ending of the wonderful break lol. I haven’t watched the news, played any video games, back-up the computer, or updated my blog much for a while during the free times I had. Sadly, I also didn’t get to read more on my favourite mangas or watch more anime haha. Well, I’ll be able to do that even once the break’s over. Let’s hope the next semester’s gonna be a smooth ride XD

p/s: Let’s loose the holiday’s pounds


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