Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today I did something which was stupid. I cried and cried and cried and after that I laughed at myself for crying haha. Don't be such a baby =P

The annoying part was the aftermath of it. My eyes got very dry. Couldn't see while wearing the contacts ^^" Moral of the story: let's not be girly next time

By the way, I remembered I got something yesterday.


It was nicely wrapped. The doll has bells inside. Kawaiii

Sensei gave it as a gift. Suteki na hito yo~ I don't know about Japanese custom but I really want to give him something in return. Ideas?

I took the pictures with Satio's camera. You could adjust the megapixels. It's awesome if you get the focus correct. It's fully touchscreen which was kinda annoying at first but I'm getting more used to it. Now I'm having an impulse to touch on the screen of non-touchscreen cellphones lol

I felt happier after talking and seeing the pictures =P Sankyu ne, minna

And um, tomorrow's the day for EIF. I hope everything will run smoothly ^^"



Sunday, March 21, 2010


Sono iu no koto ga
kiitai onegai

'Daijoubu desu ka?'

ikkai dake oshiete mou ii no

antatachi ne, doushite?
atashi ii'nja nai ka

'Hohoemi o tsuzukete ne'
'nakanakute ne'

Mou tsukarechatta
Sonna jibun no oshiete koto


mou ii yo
ima made
ii yo


Saturday, March 20, 2010


  • me: "Erm but I'm not sure if I can make it"

  • her: "But he wants you there"

  • me: lol as if, this is sort-of-a voluntary work meaning anyone who's free should participate. Apparently I'm not."What about others?"

  • her: "But you have to come also etc etc.."

  • me: "I'll try" You can't make me this way

And I didn't. I really did try but couldn't btw

  • her: "Why didn't you come?"

  • me: "Got my text? It was etc. etc"

  • her: "Did u tell him?"

  • me: "Err no"

  • her: "Well, you should tell him"

  • me: "Em" I guess?? No way others who didn't make it have to explain to this dude too??

And a friend told me. Okay then I get it now. And I thought she was trying to make my life uneasy. Fortunately that wasn't the case ^^;


Friday, March 19, 2010


Like a strange arrangements
The black and white
Slowly turn familiar

The staffs are merry
The notes are dancing
observe the melody

Hey you
let's make a song
the composer is us
chords of major and minor
all in harmony

Let's make the rhythm slow
yet the beats alive
with sincerity


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's wrong?

I woke up and realized it was 5 in the morning. Did I fell asleep again? Damn
The notes were lying there, untouched. Great!

The presentation was a mess
The test was quiet okay
But something's bothering me. Nanika?

The weather was hot and humid. Nothing new there
The ice cream failed me. That's new
My favourite dish tasted blunt. Wonder why?
I did only say hi. Was I hoping for more?


My friend cried. Why do I feel like crying too?
She's the one with problemS and me? Spoiled and ungrateful. I'm aware of that, thank you very much!

See? I know but I can't help it. The sky was grey and the tesl square was empty. (It was actually FAR from deserted, even packed, somehow) I cried silently, putting up a smile in front of everybody. I don't feel like eating either. What's wrong?

Were they tears or simply water from the shower that flew down my cheeks, I wasn't sure. What's wrong with me today? Stop being whiny.... I was contemplating, remembering and then it came to me. It was THAT!


There's nothing I can do about it besides ranting here I guess -__-"

Moral of the story: You just can't help it sometimes. Sigh~

Let's think about some happy stuff, shall I? e.g. the Satio ♥ ♥


Friday, March 12, 2010

12am Luck

Do you believe in Zodiac signs?

[IMG]The twins

At 12am today, a stroke of luck hit me. It came in a text message. Unexpected and wholly a surprise, I was left thinking, recalling. If it were once upon a time ago, I would have been euphoric, anxious, ineffably overjoyed. Now, I think I'm comfortable, perhaps a bit cautious but I don't want to get into it anymore. I'd like to stay neutral please. We're friends and I'm happy (ne?)

Later on, I bought the Satio. It wasn't cheap (hell it was expensive!) but I made up my mind to have it anyway. There were doubts but the sleek design, gorgeous functions and impressive camera quickly decided for me. I've been weighing during the past few days between a cool new guitar or the Satio. I had to be careful of what I spend money on but somehow, I had my way into buying it today. Perhaps I'll tell more about it on my next entry. In the mean time, I'm super thrilled to get the cell phone on Monday. Gomen ne Wallet~

Sometime later, I caught a glimpse on my friend's horoscope reading for the day and felt strangely compelled to read it. Now this is the whole reason I wrote this entry for. He's a gemini, like me and here's what it said:

Whether you keep a detailed, itemized budget or just keep it all jumbled in your head, you need to think through your spending habits a bit more carefully today. It shouldn't take too long.

* Compatibility: Taurus
* Mood: Cautious
* Lucky Color: Purple
* Lucky Number: 38
* Lucky Time of Day: 12am

The stuff about spending is strangely true but the 12am luck is real. I guess it's much more than I could ever tell hahaha Could such be a mere coincidence?

I'm not so sure anymore ^^"


Sunday, March 7, 2010


This weekend has been awesome. It's been so long since I've had this much fun. My weekdays were packed with assignments, projects and tests that I barely had time to eat. I fell sick for a day because of that lol. I was on the road for the whole Thursday and Friday and my energy was literally drained for that two days. But I found out something about myself, I could be pretty calm even when I'm out on the road, alone, driving and apparently lost in some unknown territory hahaha. Did I forget to add that I hadn't got a GPS navigator with me and had a deadline to catch at that moment? =P

So for Saturday and Sunday, I went and do whatever I wanted to do. I so needed some time for my own amusement XD

First stop: Eva 2.0. on Saturday. It was a pretty cool movie about a world set sometime in a future where evangelions battle against the angels for the sake of humanity. Typical of mecha genre, the heavy burden lies on the hands of teenagers lol. I haven't watched the anime series but I still enjoyed it. The angles were far, far scarier than the freakiest Hollows from Bleach. The funniest thing was how the guys inside the hall (they're definitely otaku) reacted to the fanservice part. Heck, there're lots of fanservice in the movie lol

We went to eat pizza afterwards. We met the most enthusiastic waiter, he smiled a little almost too cheerfully and seemed always excited to take our orders, deliveries and amendments lol. He'd totally get our votes for the employee of the month. I ate so many things. Now I'm certain that my tastebud doesn't go well with carbonara or pasta or anything of that sort.

I also met Lerorin for the first time that day. He's the one who told me about the movie. My first impresion was "OMG this guy is super tall and he's only 18!" We talked a little and it was awkward because he was shy and so did his friends lol.

Sunday's plan was to go and watch Alice in Wonderland at Times Square. Due to certain circumstances, I'd thought of cancelling it but now I'm glad I didn't. I had the best of time with S and cute junior N hahaha.

We went to buy some snacks at 7-Eleven before the movie started. I forgot to hide them in my bag and the guards would't allow me in unless I put the food inside the special cupboard (as if I would). I hate orders, especially ridiculous ones and somehow I managed to wriggle myself out of this one. I made an excuse to go out again with the snacks and then asked some random strangers to hide and bring the snacks inside for me LOL The guard was satisfied to confirm that I wasn't hiding the snacks inside my bag when he checked it the second time I entered hahahah.
Thanks strangers, you two rocks!

Alice in Wonderland is an amazing movie. The storyline, the characters, the costumes; the whole thing was just fantastic. The one who did the voice acting for the caterpillar is undoubtedly the same guy who play Snape in Harry Potter. The 3D experience made the movie even better. Oh I'm so in love with the cutey, spinning, levitating cat XD I was talking about how cute the disappearing cat was when I notice that N herself had disappeared from beside me. I looked down and noticed that she was sprawled on the floor, apparently didn't quiet notice the raised steps inside the hall and fell down. Poor N hahaha =P

We ate at KFC afterwards. It seemed TS was filled with emo people this time around. The shop assistant, the KFC staff, the GSC employee, they just all need to cheer up a bit lol

Our journey back home was tiring. We were quiet sleepy but had to stand since there were no seat available (we didn't expect so either). We bid farewell to Nad (hope to see you lurking at TESL square again hoho) and wait for our bus. Stupid things happened that we had to wait even longer. But then it wasn't that tiresome when we could chat and gossip lol

Talking and laughing and having fun the whole time. I'm all cheered up for next week =D Yossh~

note2self: happy, happy, happy, ano hito kara no desu ka? ;)



It's strange
to linger on something
which brings happiness
but open doors
to doubts
to have little jealousy
over dear affection
have u heard of
unselfish love?

A dreamcatcher
might perhaps
sift those dreams
But until then,
It stays as almost,
But not quiet yet

You're not over


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