Monday, August 24, 2009

Grow Flowers on Your Screen!

I was browsing the web looking for vector flowers the other day when I stumbled upon this really cool flash application. It's an online application that lets you click on the screen and beautiful flowers will magically grow. Just click here and there and grow your own flower garden! It's a fun way to just kill some time or divert your thoughts from the ever growing assignments haha. I found myself clicking and clicking and clicking again just to see what flowers will pop next.

My Flower Garden~The flowers are very beautiful and the application is incredibly fast too. Best of all, you don't have to download anything! Just follow the link below

Flower Garden

I can't stop clicking! lol

BTW, the application was developed by a Japanese which totally explains why I'm so drawn into it (I have a thing for everything Japan ^-^) Plus, it's so kawaii~


Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Ultimate Ways to Forget Your Crush and Move On

You think you have a crush on someone? Well,it can be confusing especially if you're that type of person who never have a crush before or never really think much about guys/girls. But once you have a huge crush on someone, it can be pretty bothersome if you can't be together. That person might just not be the right person for you, it's not the right time, or the feeling just isn't mutual and you've decided you'd be better off without that person. But the problem is, you can't simply get rid of that feeling you have. So, here're the best steps that could help you mend your heart and move on.

1) Accept - Just set aside your ego and accept that you have a crush on that particular person. Don't keep being in denial because that'll only make you think more of it

2) Contact - If you have a crush on someone you've never talk with before, go and talk to that person at least once before you move on to the next step. It's easier for you to let go knowing that you had at least talk to the person and he or she will just be a sweet memory from here onwards

3) Distance - Make yourself busy and unavailable. Don't think about that person and try and avoid places where you might see him or her. Keep telling yourself that it's just not worth your time thinking about that person when he or she might be thinking of someone else right at that very moment. It's better if you focus on other cool stuff, like blogging or becoming famous :-P

4) It's just a phase - Tell yourself that the intense emotion you're feeling right now will probably go away in the future. Perhaps you could think of the previous crush you no longer have or previous things that you used to like but not anymore. No matter how strong you feel about it now, the feelings will weaken in time and totally disappear once you find someone hotter or cooler. And please don't lie to yourself that he or she is the coolest person on earth. There's bound to be someone way cooler out there, duh

Even if you think the feeling won't go away, it will. The only reason it probably won't is because you think it won't when it already has. Get me?

5) Grow up! - Yeah, so you have this feeling for this person and he or she doesn't feel the same way... so you feel sad and bla bla bla. Unless you're actually a mosquito or something, everybody in this world have experienced this sort of unrequited love thingie. It's part of live and you'll just have to go through with it and move on. Unless, of course if you don't want to and would like to continue having a crush (that will likely stay a crush) and being miserable and sad and self lamenting and all (Why the heck would you even read this post if that's the case)

So,yeah. Try these and see if it works for you ;-P


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