Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Time Traveller's Wife

After wearing ourselves out during the exam, my friend and I decided to cool off and went to watch a movie. It was just after the final exam and everyone's in the mood to have some fun before heading home. We went to Sunway Pyramid and it was Wednesday and apparently we were a day earlier before 2012 is out. So we ended up watching The Time Traveler's Wife instead.

I knew it was from a book. Some of my friends cried when they watched this but honestly, I'm not much of a fan of romantic, sad movie. I prefer horror and fantasy stuff but since there weren't many exciting choices of movies at that moment and my friend seemed to take an interest in this movie, I went on and watched it.

The story is a blend between romance and science fiction, well, more on the romance than science fiction actually. It depicts the experience of a man and a woman as they go through live together with the man constantly time travels at times due to his genetic disorder. It sounds absurd and even funny, but it was really an awesome movie. The movie portrays their strange live in a convincing way that makes the audience could almost feel and relate to the distance idea of loving someone who could time travel. It was sad and sweet at the same time.

Overall, it's worth watching :-)


Sunday, November 8, 2009


Rachael never looks back. Not anymore after what she's been through. It was hell on the other side and heaven on this side. Who wouldn't want to remain?

When she first stepped here, she was a lost maiden. Her mind's empty, set to wait for a prince charming to fill her thoughts with love and wonder. How innocent was she. She found her love and he found his woman and the world spun around the two of them, or at least that's what she felt. But it was not the truth, for the world was a realist. Love simply didn't exist. There was only selfish need to fulfill oneself through others, of course endowed with lust.

Everyone must play a role in this world and so did Rachael. She was a female, girl, woman. She had to do what she had to do like what every woman had to do. She was lied to her face and had been lied once again and kept being lied again and again. Poor girl, what was she thinking?

She was happy, but then she's happier now. This place is her home and it shall be yours as well. Accept our hands, will you?

The proposal was clear. They want me there. I should go, shouldn't I? They offered happier live and I craved their oblation. They need me.

I took the blade. It was sharp and undoubtedly, effective. I must end this. The bloody red flowing on my bare skin, as if trying to parallel the anticipation flooding my thoughts...



Saturday, November 7, 2009

Two Weeks of Hell and Heaven

I went for retail therapies this two weeks. I was essentially looking for a kebaya when I stopped by PKNS and PAS on Monday. The parking slots at PAS were full and I had to drive around for quiet sometime until I found an empty spot. I was cautious as I entered the shopping area through the entrance at the lonely parking basement.

The mall was full of people. I walked and walked, constantly keeping my eyes peeled for something. There were plenty of booths and shops selling all sorts of traditional attires but none offered what I was looking for, a suitable kebaya for the drama. So naturally, I found my way to Aeon and then to a couple of clothing stores around town. I ended up not finding any kebaya and buying a lot of other stuff instead XD

I got myself a couple of cute skirts and new jeans. The ones that I had were loose which proofed just how much weight I've lost :-P

The first week of the final exam was spent studying and fooling around. I'm always such a last-minute-study type of person. Though I don't usually procrastinate work, I always hesitate when it comes to doing revision. I hope I could change that, even there's the fact that I've spent most of my years as a student being plain lazy. I'm too used to it, it's kinda late to change now, is it? XD

I had fun during drama practice. I enjoyed the experience despite being self conscious the whole time about the dancing -_- I'm just plain not good at traditional dance

The night of the performance had everyone feeling nervous, excited, and a whole bunch of mixed feelings. There were quiet a lot of people, the performers, the seniors who've came to help, and the guests comprising of lecturers, students, and some relatives of students :-P Almost everyone (the performers) had thick make-ups on and it's so funny haha. We watched the other shows and took pictures afterwards and had lots of fun.

I went through hell during the second week of the final exam. Sleepless nights of going through notes and books and texts and notes and books. I was literally going crazy with the fatigue and all. Hence, my resolution for the next semester would be 'NO MORE LAST MINUTE REVISION'.

But overall, I think I did quiet okay, well at least I hope so :-P I'll just wait and see till the results come out.

In the mean time, I think I'm gonna concentrate on what I'll be doing during the whole long, semester break. No books no lectures, just time and freedom.

Such a bliss XD

Note2self: It's time to forget and start over, please


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