This is just a place for me to write stuff. Life's full of so many things and there are times when you need to just write it down and express it. I'm also majoring in language so it'd make a good practice to keep a blog =D

I love vanilla and I like it when it comes with different mix of flavours

Thanks for visiting =D


About This Blog

This is just a place for me to write stuff.
I'm an open book, but with hidden compartments and missing pages somewhere along the way.

In the future, I'd like to read this again and laugh of the things I've put for myself to discover =P

About The Layout

Much like my life, the layout lacks straight lines including the borders, etc. I want to make it look sketchy because I love to draw. It involves some painstaking efforts trying to come out with the design plus a lot of help on the coding

The piano, the musical notes, the stars, the effects, the graphics represent some part of me. Dream and passion. =P

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