Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shopping on a Day Before Raya

I decided to do some shopping on the day before Raya. Raya or Eid is one of the festivals celebrated here. Raya means to celebrate, so when Malaysians wish Selamat Hari Raya, it means Happy Day to Celebrate haha. It actually makes sense now that I think about it, since it's the day where we celebrate the end of one month of fasting. It's time to eat, socialize, and get richer, yeah~

I'd been looking forward to buying some stuff which I'd really needed (or maybe not). So I got my keys, phone, and handbag and rushed to a nearby store before heading towards Aeon. I've been to Aeon a couple of days ago but it didn't matter since I literally go there every time I get bored. It's my favourite shopping mall because it's near my hometown and it's cooler unlike Centrepoint which is swarmed with south-east asian foreigners (they suck!) =_=

I got my car parked in the vast parking lot which was quiet empty considering that everyone's gone balik kampung. I hadn't got the mood for window shopping this time so I went straight to search for the things I came for which are these:

They're so lovely and worth every ringgit I spent, which was a LOT. Mom's gonna freak out if she finds out just how much I've spent this week. My last trip here (just a few days ago) had costed me a bundle and taking into account this latest visit, I'm so dead.

Note to self: Hide the receipt! :-P

Oh, by the way, I've found the solution for my messy wardrobe. I've created a perfect hanging place for the tons of scarves I have! I'm so proud~ LOL


I'd probably have to abstain myself from further indulgence in shopping from now on -_- how bored...


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Super Cute Voice

I heard this song quite often these past few days. It was of two boys singing in their song called Balalar. At first I thought it was Arabic, but turns out it was Uzbek, a language spoken in Uzbekistan.

My brother is the one who downloaded the song and keeps playing it around the house. His choice of music could never be more different than mine as he likes Indonesian bands and I'm into Japanese, Western, and Classical. But it's an exception this time that I'm truly drawn into this song. The youthful voice of the two kids is really something. Here's the video of the song

I love the two kids. How cute~ :-P
Their charm reminds me of The Choirboys'


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