Sunday, May 30, 2010

As I play Boston by Augustana

I made this video a while back for some of the nicest people in my world. I just felt like posting it here so please ignore. It's bad for sensitive hearing =P

I was kinda sad at the time and the song was like an escapism, sort of. It makes me remember of once upon a time ago, of a little kid who played the piano; fingers feeling the keys, ears succumbing to the melody, body was moved in rhythm, heart filled with passion and eyes shedding tears.

When she's sad she'd play it and all would be okay (Well not literally haha). But that's how I was like when I was a kid; so passionate and so free-spirited (and so twisted too =P). I want to be that once again =)

This one was uploaded using my barely existing YouTube account. I only signed up so that I could subscribe to my favourite YouTubers; Smosh, etc. Well, I do have some videos uploaded there. It was funny seeing them again lol

Yeah, if anyone's interested for the sheet music, feel free to ask me. I wish I could say that I played this one by ears but they're getting kinda rusty lately. I need to practice more.

I've been freaking busy this holiday, like always. Break is the time when I'd do all the stuff that I've been wanting to do, which has gotten postponed for so long that they're now all piled up waiting for me to divulge in them one by one =D

I'm working on something just now and I'm so tired. Tomorow I might drive to PWTC or should I just take the public transport? But I really want to drive pfft -_- We'll see.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Grant my wish

If only life were simple, and I could have all my wishes granted by just blowing on candles, I'd wish for two things right now.

Life's not easy as FaceBook but I'd like it if there's an 'unlike' button, somewhere. I'm not sure if I'd press it, but it bugs me that it's missing. I wish I hadn't click the 'like' button by accident on the first place

I want to be lighter too. Get rid of excess burden and be free, as free as feathers. Can I reach it before twenty?

Ganbatte ne!


Friday, May 21, 2010

They didn't notice??

You know sometimes there's a moment in life where you think you were something for most of your life but then you realize that the only few persons who think that you're that is only you and well, your mom maybe.

I just found out that one of my best friend in the whole wide world didn't think that I was that. Can you believe it? I exhibited all the signs and believe me, I'd got all the symptoms bad but she simply brushed it off as not that. Not that? Well, the symptoms is no longer strong these days, but I guess my ego is slightly hurt.

Maybe I'm not that good at portraying that but still.. It's cool and I still am that, a part of me and I like that

And yeah, I'm not gonna tell what that is =)

(-__-")y ピース~


Thursday, May 20, 2010


Lately it occured to me that every time I finished answering a paper in an exam hall, I'm always left with one worry. No, it's not whether my answers in the exam sheet were the same with what's at the bottomm of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs pyramid on the textbook, although I did worry about that one but that was while I was answering, not after I finished the whole paper, but this one was something else. I'm always afraid for the examiner.

As I look back at all my answers initially written with the neatest handwritings at the front as they gradually turned into the worst barely readable lines, I was stroked with terror. What if the examiner can't read my writings? That's when I'll begin to reach for my pen to recopy all of my answers into more neatly handwritings on a new piece of answer sheet when I would realize that there's no time left and whoever is marking my paper would just have to make the best out of those handwritings. Well, if they could actually make out any words from them. Even I was repulsed by how bad they were. I couldn't even finished checking my answer because I could't stand my own handwritings which is why whenever people asked me whether I checked my answer I always say I didn't manage to and they thought it was because of time constraint.

What's worst was that the handwriting was not the only problem. A more annoying problem for the examiner would be, well, it starts with an 'r' and ends with an 's'. R-U-L-E-S. As if having to go through my bad handwritings wasn't bad enough that they also have to tolerate the mistakes that even an eleven years old won't make. When I'm inside the exam hall, it was like, I'm against every silly little rules about punctuation, grammar, and spelling! Yes, spelling. What kind of a first year university student spells 'then' as 'than'? Plus whenever I begin answering a paper, I always hesitate whether to write it in the past tense or present tense. So I usually start with present tense and all the way through they would revert to past tense and then go back to the future or the present. I suck seriously.

I don't remember since when I've been developing these problems or annoying habits of making silly mistakes during exam. I'm always such a perfectionist like when I'm drawing I would take a lot of time to revise and then revise my drawing until they were perfect before scanning them into the computer. But in exam hall, you don't really have the time to perfect your work, or answer so maybe I should try to write spontaneously, which is exactly what I'm doing.

Yes, ladies ad gentlemen, the point of me writing this annoying, pointless post to be posted on my blog where you shall be reading it is to practice my writing. I need to be able to write spontaneously, with less mistakes. Although, I do doubt it would actually improve my handwrtings since I'm not actually writing using my hand but rather typing the words out but I guess it would help atleast my problem with 'rules'. So have fun guys =P


Monday, May 17, 2010

さよなら, ね






There are things I could only express in that language, things I don't want to be known, things that break my heart.. but I'll survive


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Story About Him

I heard him said
How he was
Slightly cocky they said
But I just think he's cool

He told me stories
of his funny habits
I know his style
And his story complements
The way I see him

Finding out about him
Makes me feel glad
It's still interesting

In a different way
He's still interesting


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fired Up!

I just need to say...

So many things coming up, good things, great things, awesome things XD I'm really, really excited and fired up XD

After all the not-so-good things, the farewell, the heartbreak, everything's falling into places. I'm so glad XD

And now, I need to get back into practice. I haven't given my birthday wish yet =( but I want to sing a song and I've got to get this one right =D


Monday, May 10, 2010


Can't believe it's actually started. The break! The long awaited 8 weeks of freaking lots of time and money(?) and car and friends and ♥

As I packed up all the stuff and trashes that's been accumulated throughout the semester I felt a tinge of weird feelings, like when you were anticipating a sort of excitement, the feeling you get right before an overwhelming gush of euphoria XD I'm going crazy, I know hahaha

Looking back, I came to learn a lot of things about friends, family, myself and maybe a few others. Screw all the books and here comes Japanese and Music next semester and before that, a long holiday XD About the only thing I'm dreading now is Kesat but I really don't wanna spoil the mood now so let's focus on what I shall do tomorow XD

I just got home actually =P Gosh, I think I'm never home lately. But my friends are going back soon so we gotta take this chance to hang out as much as we can XD

And all the others are back this holiday! XD Love you guys, Miss you guys ♥

I'm so excited I can't hardly contain it XD

p/s: ♥ you so much, mom X)


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Okay, I did cry lol

I cried a lot in fact, considering the fact that I never let myself cry when I'm sad, let alone let anyone see it or admit that I cried because of someone. I was driving again, and it was night and it all seemed gloomy on the road. Then, there was an accident which distracted me from crying. Well, I'm not involved in it but I sure hope whoever was on that badly, dilapidated motorcycle was, well, alive and recovering. There's just no way that one could walk out from that unscratched.

But a friend really lifted my spirit afterwards. We talked, we hugged and we hope. I know next semester's going to be a fresh start =)

My car got tailed while on the way back home. So much for me being cocky but my mom was right from the start. I guess girl driving alone at night is kinda risky. I should put on some disguise later on, borrow my bro's jacket and put on a hat, then I'll be good to go =D

I think it was karma again. I hate those stupid guys anyway. Next time I should learn how to loose a tailing car.

It was an experience although not a lucky one unfortunately. I can't wait for exam to be over so I can start my life again lol. That sounded wrong but I guess that's just the way I feel. I kinda miss talking to someone but well, we can't stay close friends with everyone especially after whatever the hell happened. I just want a fresh start and find my lost way this holiday hahaha

And for that I need money!
What's money got to do with finding your lost way?
Sorry can't tell ya ;-P

Wallet, please be magically filled with cash =P


Friday, May 7, 2010

I shan't cry tomorow, promise

Well, not tomorrow exactly. It's 3.38am in the morning, so I guess it's Friday, already. "Tower's leaving", as how he would say. It's sick and it's pathetic, but human are powerless. I'm powerless.

You shall be a nice memory, 18. Perhaps I'll see you again in a different light, I hope so.


I've been driving lately, late at night, going out and having fun. My mom's obviously not happy with it. Sometimes I wish I were a boy. Thanks for making life easy for a girl to live her life.

A huge part of me has been lost at sea, never again to be found, I assume. But I can still gather little bits of pieces that's been dropped somewhere along the journey. I hope I'll find myself again. I want to.

Wish me luck


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