Sunday, May 30, 2010

As I play Boston by Augustana

I made this video a while back for some of the nicest people in my world. I just felt like posting it here so please ignore. It's bad for sensitive hearing =P

I was kinda sad at the time and the song was like an escapism, sort of. It makes me remember of once upon a time ago, of a little kid who played the piano; fingers feeling the keys, ears succumbing to the melody, body was moved in rhythm, heart filled with passion and eyes shedding tears.

When she's sad she'd play it and all would be okay (Well not literally haha). But that's how I was like when I was a kid; so passionate and so free-spirited (and so twisted too =P). I want to be that once again =)

This one was uploaded using my barely existing YouTube account. I only signed up so that I could subscribe to my favourite YouTubers; Smosh, etc. Well, I do have some videos uploaded there. It was funny seeing them again lol

Yeah, if anyone's interested for the sheet music, feel free to ask me. I wish I could say that I played this one by ears but they're getting kinda rusty lately. I need to practice more.

I've been freaking busy this holiday, like always. Break is the time when I'd do all the stuff that I've been wanting to do, which has gotten postponed for so long that they're now all piled up waiting for me to divulge in them one by one =D

I'm working on something just now and I'm so tired. Tomorow I might drive to PWTC or should I just take the public transport? But I really want to drive pfft -_- We'll see.


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