Friday, February 19, 2010


It seems that my gastritis is back again this week. You're supposed to eat properly so you'll feel better. But you see, you can't really do that when you feel like throwing up every time you swallow something. Plus, it seems like I'm getting heartburn every freaking hour. Chikusho!

Apparently I could take like small bits and pieces of non-hunger-satisfying food. Thank god I have my ice cream :-P

[IMG]Someone owes me my favourite hoho =P

Stupid medicine and stupid fever ( ̄▽ ̄)

Try and look at the bright side here, this is a good way to loose weight, especially after a week of holiday (^o^)/

Note2self: baffled, again. 気持ちが分からない *sigh~


Monday, February 15, 2010

Beach and Sand

I'm in mid-semester break. It's already Monday and I've got a few days left to finish the huge piles of assignment and read for the upcoming tests. I just got back from a trip at the beach and frankly, I'm all blurry.

The trip was wonderful. Looking at the night sky through the veranda and I saw a few glittering stars. The fresh sea breeze and the feel of it on my hair, my two feet stepping on the hot and cold sand and the rushing water all around me. No word would describe them.

[IMG]a dream came true

It's the best family day we've had. Thanks so much to my aunties for sponsoring this trip ♥ We were divided into three apartments. Ours had a faulty air conditioning and so we had to move into another one which is a lot cooler. So yeah, we got a higher priced apartment with a cheaper rate hohoho

Since it was Chinese New Year (and Valentines Day ;-P) there were free performances at the beach. We played games together and had the best of fun frolicking in the water. My cousin and uncles taught us a bit on how to swim. My brother seemed a better learner than I was. I could only come as far as holding my breathe under water lol

The best part of this trip was during the big dinner. We booked a hall at another resort for this event and apparently they got better food. There were karaoke and I had to sing too. Thank god I dragged my brother into singing with me hoho

Perhaps this whole trip wouldn't have happened if we haven't got grandma with us. The only one we still have since the others had passed away. Although she could no longer remember us, we still hope she had fun.

We love you :)


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